Apple zephyr with vanilla

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Recipe by Tetyana Ovrutska – KICA School teacher.

Apple puree with sugar and vanilla

500 g apples
sugar as required
1 vanilla pod or vanilla sugar

Cooking method:

Use green apples. Bake apples. Mix puree in hand blender and wipe through a fine sieve. Weight the wiped apple puree, add  sugar 1:1 and vanilla seeds. Blend until smooth. Leave at room temperature until the sugar dissolves completely. Keep in the fridge. Puree is ready for use in 24 hours.


total weight 537 g

500 g apple puree with sugar and vanilla
37 g egg whites


total weight 643 g

160 g water
8 g agar agar
425 g sugar
50 g glucose

Cooking method:

Add water to agar agar. Bring to a boil on medium heat add sugar and glucose.

When the temperature of the syrup reaches 106°C to a mixer bowl add egg whites and whisk until light foam. At 107°C to a mixer bowl with egg whites add apple puree with sugar and start whisking at a high speed until the mixture increases in volume approximately 3 times. The mixture should be lush and snow-white.

When the temperature of the syrup reaches 110°C keep mixing and pour the syrup with a thin trickle. Beat a few minutes more.

It’s important to pipe out the mixture immediately. Leave zephyr for 8 hours at room temperature. Sprinkle with sugar powder.

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