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Basic Macaron Course

Dates: April 04 – May 2 

Learn to work with modern professional recipes from KICA brand chef Aleksandr Trofimenkov to grow your pastry business. Learn to make filled macarons shells, prepare 3 types of dough and various types of fillings that will surprise you with amazing taste, unusual combinations and bright appearance.


1. How to make 3 types of batter for Macaron
– on Italian meringue
on French meringue with low sugar
 hazelnut batter

2. How to make perfect filled cups
You will learn all nuances of making perfectly filled, smooth and even cups.

3. How to make stable ganache and fillings
You will get recipes of amazing combinations of tastes of ganache and fillings, that will impress you with great texture.

4. Techniques of piping of cup and ganache
You will learn to pipe macaron the way that will make all cups even and filling will look expressive and gentle form.


Macaron raspberry, chocolate

Chocolate Macaron on Italian meringue are not too sweet because of red cocoa and dark chocolate in the recipe.
For the filling will do salted caramel amazing texture, raspberry coulis with seeds. Enjoy the taste as well as process.

Macaron Snickers

If close your eyes and taste i bit of this Macaron, you will definitely guess that chocolate bar. Light and elegant, with nice aftertaste of roasted peanut and caramel. To make it look like Snickers and add to the taste noble bitterness, we «wear» it with the tin layer of dark chocolate.

Macaron with hazelnut

Make cup of this Macaron of the hazelnut flour with no coloring. Only full hazelnut taste. This Macaron will always have filled cups and wonderful taste. Macaron is made on French meringue. For the filling you will have amazing recipe of ganache with hazelnut paste.

Who is this course for:

  • for this who bake to order and would like to spice up choice of Macarons with the new tastes
  • for amateurs, who wants to surprise beloved ones with fascinating Macaron forms and combination of tastes
  • for those who wish to learn techniques of making perfect Macarons, filled cups and glossy textures of the fillings

How the online learning process is organized?

  • Each week during 4 weeks you will receive 1 recipe and video lesson of Macaron
  • Each recipe supported with beautiful pictures of a item cake and its cut in PDF format along with the video lesson how to make it. Access to the video lessons will stay with you for 12 months. To keep the pace of the course you have one week to complete the task. At the same time, you can submit completed tasks at any moment before the marathon finishes.

Tutor`s help and support:

Over the period of the webinar KICA school tutors gives you detailed answers for all you questions.

If you pass each step of the course you will get a e-Certificate on successful completion of the Course in English language from Kiev International Culinary academy KICA at the end of the course.


Alexandr Trofimenkov – professional pastry chef and pastry instructor at KICA. The chef has 7 years of practical experience in both fields: pastry production & teaching students. He conducted professional pastry courses for hundreds of students from all over the world during last 4 years. Before, he worked as a pastry chef in French patisseries and opened and managed the production line of luxury pastry in Dubai.

Over the period of the marathon, our instructor Alexandr Trofimenkov answers your questions in Facebook group and provides you with each work checkup. Prepare each recipe by yourself, get support and advice from your teacher, enhance your level of knowledge and skills. Let’s get it started!


Course Features

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