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Woman, Elegance & Oven

Enjoy the favorite recipes that perfected over many years! This E-book will be amazing gift for someone you love for the Christmas or New Year celebrations.
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About the author:

In 2013 Tetyana Verbytska founded the Kiev International Pastry School KICA in Kiev.

The school is the first in the world that made it possible for everyone to study with the best chefs in France, On Line and in the school hall. Several hundred students from more than 30 countries of the world come here to Kiev every year for confectionery training. More than 10 thousand people around the world watch online workshops. Tatyana Creator of one of the most popular Instagram accounts for confectionery schools in the world.

In 2017, Tatyana Verbitskaya’s released best-selling book, Elegance and the Oven.

About the book:

256 colorful pages, 30 pastry works picked from favorite recipes, more than 200 step-by-step art photos, exquisite design. The book is filled with helpful practical advice, knowledge Tetyana has been compiling for recent 10 years, and stunning photos by photographer Natalia Khoroshaeva.

In this book collected my favorite recipes that perfected over many years. To make them accessible to the common reader and to eliminate errors, each of the recipes has been mastered lovingly in a real pastry shop, where they receive positive feedback from everyone who was fortunate enough to taste them.

For each of the 30 confections in the book, you will find photos of cooking methods. The photos clearly show textures, detailed movements, and tools that will help you easily and comfortably achieve the best possible results. To ensure a smooth operation, take time to prepare products and tools, to organize the best working space, and to carefully read the recipe from the beginning to the end, imagining the cooking process as you go.


  • Black forest cake roll
  • Macarons with salted caramel
  • Chocolate bar with marmalade and cookies
  • Spiral vegetable quiche
  • Raspberry millefeuille
  • Tartlet with chocolate frangipane
  • Mont Blanc chestnut choux
  • Glazed carrot tea cake
  • Tart Tatin caramel apple pie
  • Tartlet with coconut, mango and passion fruit
  • Cassis tartlet with tea creme brulee
  • Chocolate boat with praline
  • Tartlet with cherry confit
  • Millefeuille with praline and caramel
  • Bourdaloue pear and raspberry chocolate tart
  • Rocher bonbons with cookies and raisins
  • Triangle tartlet with chocolate sauce
  • Pecan tart
  • Cheesecake
  • Croissant
  • Passion fruit eclair
  • Chausson with apples
  • White coffee petit four
  • Raisin bun–pain aux raisin
  • Brioche with sesame
  • Orange and vanilla diamond sablé
  • Blackcurrant muffin with brown sugar
  • Vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet
  • Honey cake medovik with prunes
  • Types of dough:
  • Shortcrust pastry
  • Non-yeasted puff pastry
  • Yeasted puff pastry



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