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Date: 18-22 of June, 2018

Time: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Language: English with translation into Russian

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  • Basil: pate sable, Joconde biscuit, mandarin marmelade, green apple cremeux, basil chantilly, neutral glacage, mirror glaze
  • Blueberry tarte: pate sable, Joconde biscuit, blueberry jam, blueberry glacage, pastry cream, blueberries, violet candied (sosa)
  • Caramel banana: streusel caramel, tonka caramel mousse, banana confit, marzipan, caramel glacage, dark chocolate sponge
  • Pineapple coco: choux puff, choux puff dough, coconut whip ganache, yuzu orange compote, pineapple coriander cream
  • Coco: coconut dacquoise + almond pieces, crumble, coconut chiboust, exotic pineapple compote, pineapple and yuzu confit, desiccated coconut, coconut powder (sosa), fresh lime zest
  • Lavender: lavender sponge, crumble, lemon cremeux, lemon mousse, lavender chantilly, glacage, chocolate decor, sugar decor
  • Mangifera: vanilla mix cream, pistachio dacquoise, mango cremeux, pate sable, frangipane, chocolate decoration, pistachio pieces, decoration flower, neutral glacage
  • Piemont: hazelnut praline, hazelnut feuilletine, praline mousseline, hazelnut meringue, hazelnut powder/goldpowder, coffee whip ganache
  • Pistachio: pistachio mousseline, meringue, pistachio dacquoise, pistachio feuilletine, glacage, pistachio powder, raspberry confit
  • Pomme: almond crumble, Joconde biscuit, pate cigarette, vanilla chiboust, caramelized apple, vanilla whip ganache
  • Tart chocolate: chocolate crumble, chocolate biscuit + whole hazelnuts, cocoa feuilletine, chocolate cremeux, cocoa praline, dark chocolate glacage
  • Tournesol: madeleine, lemon confit, sunflower paste, lemon cremeux, sunflower glacage, chocolate decoration, lemon zest
  • Verde: lemongrass sponge, lemongrass cream, exotic gel, mango mousse, chocolate decor, lime neutral glacage, pate sable

The price 155 EUR includes:

  • 5 days course
  • Recipes
  • Certificate signed by chef


We invite you to check photo and video made during the previous Frank Haasnoot course.


With love,
KICA team

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 5 days
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English, Russian
  • Students 27
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
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