Hans Ovando course 2019

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Hans Ovando, August 27-29, KICA, 2018
Date: 30 of May-2 of June, 2019

Time: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm


The course consists of two parts:

First part. May 30 – 31 – Chocolate Level 2

Snacks,  bombons and pralines

  • Types of chocolate and Chocolate composition.
  • Tempering process and cristalization of cacao butter.
  • Influential ingredients in the formulation for bombons.
  • Calculation and stabilization for recipes of Ganache and pralines.

Creative tablets

  • White chocolate, raspberry and yoghurt.
  • Milk chocolate, Jamaica pepper and exotic fruits.
  • Pistachio gianduja and strawberries.
  • Blonde chocolate, vanilla and pecan nut.


  • Banana, pecan nut, brownie and chocolate.


  • White rock macadam nuts and pistachio, lemon and ginger.
  • Passion fruit rock, sunflower seeds and papaya.
  • Strawberry rock, almond and berries.
  • Milk rock, carmael, coffee and pecan nut.

Bombons, ganaches and fillings

  • Malt and liquorice bombon.
  • Apricot sacher bombon.
  • Apple and cinnamon bombon.
  • Pepper, tomato and chocolate bombon.

Pralines, giandujas and bars

  • Hazelnut spreadable praliné.
  • Pistachio and raspberry cream.

Second part. June 1 – 2 – program of creative pastry and cake collection 2019

New tendencies healthy allergy and intolerance products

  • Snow White: yoghurt mousse, raspberry creamy and jelly, and yoghurt sponge with yoghurt crumble. (Sugar free, low fat)
  • Moon footprint: roasted hazelnut creamy, apple and cinnamon with vanilla caramel and chocolate supreme, cocoa and nibs streusel. (Gluten free, lactose free)

Creation of you own silicone moulds for cake and pastry

  • Green olives Can: olive oil sponge with green olive mousse, and tomato and red pepper jelly
  • Smashing pumpkin 2.0: pumpkin sponge, pumpkin crunchy, mandarin orange jelly, pumpkin creamy with pumpkin slow confit and carrot and pumpkin mousse 

New concept in presentation and packaging concept

  • Big mac burguer: brioche bread, french toast with 2 chocolate supreme, and fruit mustard and keptchup
  • Six pax eggs: white chocolate lime mousse, with mango passion fruit, banana jelly and coconut crumble and sponge
  • Apricot Jamaica pepper cheese cake: traditional cheese cake slow cook with crumble and apricot Jamaica and pepper jam

The new ones from always. Traditional combinations of flavors  with a new point of view from a pastry side

  • Pears tartlet, gianduja and caramel: hazelnut sablee, gianduja crunchy, caramel supreme, caramelized pear and caramel and vanilla glaze

The price 129 EUR includes:

  • 4 days course
  • Recipes
  • Certificate signed by chef


With love,
KICA team

Course Features

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  • Duration 4 days
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 1
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
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Maestro-chocolatier of Spain, World Chocolate Masters Spain champion, the owner of a few awards at WCM championship in Paris.


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