How to make colored glaze?

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Pastry chef of KICA Tetyana Verbytska is going to bust all the myths and answer all the questions about mirror glaze during this 20-minute video lesson. Your glaze can be perfect in spite of everything!

Common mistakes. Find out:

  • Glaze is too thin/thick
  • Condensate appears on the glaze surface
  • Glaze runs down the sides and covers a cake unevenly
  • Bubbles appear on the glaze surface

During this course you will learn:

  • How to avoid bubbles on the glaze surface
  • What food coloring to use
  • How to store glaze
  • How to glaze a cake
  • Ideas for cake decorating


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    Horrible translation

    I didn't understand anything that would've been important for the recipe and technique and I'm used to foreigners speaking. I'd like to learn how to make this recipe but you need to provide professional translation.

    This translation is unacceptable

    I couldn't watch this video at all because of unprofessional translation.... Please, change it to an easy flow translation.

    horrible translation but amazing lesson

    прекрасный урок но из за жуткого перевода на английский, он теряет смысл. Переводчик не профессиональный и уровень знания английского языка ужасный ,начальная разговорная стадия ......пример. вместо слова масса, смесь она постоянно говорит беспорядок бардак.....