How to make eclairs

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Pastry Chef of KICA Tetyana Verbytska is going to bust all the myths and answer all the questions about making eclairs.

During this course you will learn:

  • How to fill and decorate eclairs?
  • How to make vanilla custard cream with a silky texture?
  • What tool and surface is better for making eclairs?
  • How to bake eclairs, what temperature regimes are there?
  • Why do eclairs explode in the oven and how to prevent it?
  • Why is it so important to check the number of eggs in a choux pastry recipe?


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    So much information missing

    The translation (which is horrible) only seems to cover 20% of what she's saying and explaining in Russian. Since I don't speak Russian, I don't understand all the little details. Making eclairs is not easy and there are so many little tips that one should know. None of these tips are covered in the translation so this video was unfortunately not helpful.


    Me pareció muy buena la clase de la Chef, no se bien el inglés pero entiendo un poco, solamente no entendí muy bien lo que llama ella el fondant, que ingredientes usó para hacer ese glaseado, si me pueden contestar esta duda se los agradeceré......muchas gracias a la Chef Tetyana por este espacio gratuito.....saludos y bendiciones

    Translator Problem

    I agree with the poster above.It is a free course overall,but the translator is not very good,and agree that I feel the translator is not translating the crucial important tips on how to make the perfect eclairs,maybe get a better translator? I Hope it is not Tatyana doing all the translations on her own,I like what she is doing with the online courses,but I am afraid if I but one of them it will be the same translator.

    poor translation to english

    the course was very good except for the fact that the translation to english was very poor . the translator has missed out many tips the chef gave which were eventually useful but could not understand because there was no english translation to it . missed out all the tips . rest was good