Macarons making technique by Tetyana Verbytska

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Just for you three stunning two-color design and three toppings:

  • macarons “Basil Lime ”
  • macarons “Tea Rose” with chocolate and tea ganache
  • macarons “La crème framboise” with brown sugar crystals and rose-raspberry-lychee ganache

Let’s finally come together to answer the following questions:

  • What flour is better -self-made or bought one?
  • What powdered sugar is the best and how does it work in macarons baking?
  • What whites do you need to use – cold, room temperature, fresh or aged?
  • Syrup 112 C or 121 C – is it possible to determine the temperature without kitchen thermometer?
  • What moment do you need to add gel, liquid or dry paints at?
  • How does the color of macarons change during the baking process in oven?
  • How to pipe better? What caps and technique better to use?
  • What can the décor (your personal signature) be for macarons ?
  • What degree should you bake macarons at?
  • What kind of sheets is better – baking paper one or silpat?


The price includes:

  • Master class
  • Recipes


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    Very helpful lessons. She showed up a lot of useful technique and tips to make macarons and ganache. Her explanation is clear and reach of interesting information. Compliments