Marathon “Russian honey cakes and more” with Marusya Manko

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Марафон Советская классика Маруси Манько

DATE: February 06 – April 02

Your teacher is Marusya Manko

For the last year, Marusya has given more than a hundred individual online and offline master classes on making zephyr as well as on cakes and other desserts baking and assembling. Among her students there were people from the neighboring countries and far-abroad ones. She has visited the UAE with the classes on Russian desserts two times. This autumn Marusya is giving master classes in Kyiv, Tehran, Dubai, Astana, Almaty, and Kuala Lumpur.


6 cakes and zephyr, 7 perfect tastes: 

During 7 classes on your kitchen you will learn how to:

  • bake the most delicious meringue layers for Kyiv cake – crisp, a little gummy, with lots of roasted nuts
  • make delicious and easy to prepare butter cream that fits perfectly not only Kyiv cake
  • make fast and easy tender and crisp, laminated and crumbly layers for Napoleon from quick-to-make laminated dough that doesn’t need to be multiple rolled out
  • cook crème Anglaise to make delicious and sweet enough butter cream that will make your Napoleon cake relive the taste from your childhood
  • make four different varieties of dough for Medovik cake – classic dough, caramel one, chiffon one, and chocolate and velour dough that is not needed to be rolled out.
  • make four mouth-watering creams for Medovik cake to fit any taste and preferences – creamy, sour cream based cream, caramel, and chocolate plombiere cream
  • face no difficulties making laminated creamy caramel as well as fillings to match perfectly not only honey but also sponge cakes – white chocolate based coconut ganache, jus cherry, and blueberry and blackberry confit.
  • arrange thin chocolate layers to assemble vertical Medovik perfect in cut
  • make fast and easy dark chocolate-based ganache and coat a cake with it.
  • make stable cream-cheese for smooth and perfect cake coating
  • make light and tender, dry and springy classic vanilla zephyr and coat it with a thin layer of dark chocolate that cracks when you bite

For who is this Marathon?

  • for those who bake to order or who wants to vary the assortment in their pastry shops and bakeries with cakes everybody is fond of in classic and modern manner.
  • for amateurs and housewives who want to impress and treat close people with long-forgotten, but so beloved from childhood desserts

Format of the classes

Over the period of 7 weeks every Thursday you receive a recipe for a new cake supported with pictures of a whole cake and its cut in PDF format along with the video lesson how to make it. To keep the pace of the marathon you have one week to complete the task. At the same time, you can submit completed tasks at any moment before the marathon finishes.

Take this Marathon and forget about…

  • wet and loose inside, flowy and “downfallen” meringue layers for Kyiv cake
  • hard, not crumbly and almost not laminated layers for Napoleon cake
  • flour congested and thus not soft and tender honey cake layers
  • not stable, liquid and thus outflowing sour cream based cream
  • crumble structure of pastry cream as well as lumps in it
  • hard honey cake layers and thus inflexible and breaking when being rolled up to assemble upright
  • flowy and not stable fillings, bitter cream caramel, nonhomogeneous ganache structure
  • bumpy and leaning cakes
  • flowy while being piped out, wet and loose inside zephyr even after being long stabilized
  • thick layer of soft, fast-melting and missing a crack while being bitten chocolate zephyr is coated with

Teacher`s help and support

Over the period of the marathon KICA school teachers  holds your hands and gives feedback on each of your work. You are free to ask a question to author of Marathon Marusya Manko in the Facebook secret chatroom created for the participants of the marathon.

If you pass each step of the marathon you will get a e-Certificate on successful performance “Russian honey cakes and more” course at Kiev International Culinary academy at the end of the course.

Prizes for the most strong-willed participants and winners of the race:

I place – free access to online class of French pastry chef.

II place – free participation in Marathon 7 perfect tartlets from KICA

III place – e-book “Gateaux and Entremets” from Tetyana Verbytska

Each participant who meets all the deadlines obtains a video of a French pastry chef video master class as a present.

List of equipment and ingredients:

Download the list of the necessary ingredients here.

Download the list of the necessary tools and equipment here.

Make each recipe on your own, get support and advice, break new ground of skills and knowledge!



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  • Duration 7 Weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 75
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes
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