Pistachio cookies by Cedric Grolet

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Spend this evening in the company of one of the most charismatic chefs of the planet Cedric Grolet! The full recipe of a magic cookies with a pistachio. Feel a lot of textures in cookies ?, feel the attitude, feel the taste and magnificent energy of the most creative chef of the planet. The course is translated for you by the founder of the KICA school – Tetyana Verbytska.

Pistachio cookies consists of:

  • Dough for cookies
  • Sables pistachio
  • Pistachio paste
  • Pistachio praline
  • Creamy caramel


With love,
KICA team

Course Features

  • Lectures 1
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English, Russian
  • Students 117
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Yes
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    There's not much new here in terms of individual components; dough, pralines and caramels, but what is really impressive is the technique used to put all of these components together and how the chef works through the recipe. The only thing that would have made this course stronger would have been adding more technical knowledge throughout the course. However, I would defiantly recommend this video for other pastry chefs looking to pick up a few additional techniques or if you are in the process of working through Cedric Grolet book "Fruits" this would be helpful for the peanut and pecan cookies. I do hope that more videos from this course will be shared.