Alexandr Trofimenkov

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1. Chocolate Island tartlet

  • Chocolate  shortbread dough
  • Whipped ganache with dark chocolate
  • Ganache with dark chocolate
  • Sponge cake
  • Velour mixture
  • Egg wash for coating


2. Citrus creme brulee tartlet

  • Hazelnut shortbread dough
  • Grapefruit mirliton
  • Cree brulee with orange
  • Italian meringue with lime
  • Eggwash for coating



3. Hazelnut Bracelet tartlet

  • Almond shortbread dough
  • Cocoa glaze
  • Reconstructed dough
  • Hazelnut and almond praline
  • Lime, ginger and milk chocolate mousse
  • Neutral glaze


4. Camomile tartlet

  • Almond shortbread dough
  • Sponge cake with olive oil
  • Mango and passion fruit coulis
  • Custard
  • Creme anglaise
  • Velour mixture
  • Egg wash for coating


5. Coffee splash tartlet

  • Almond shortbread dough
  • Carmel glaze
  • Coffee sponge cake
  • Coffee mousse
  • Chocolate cream for baking
  • Egg wash for coating


6. Matcha-cherry tartlet

  • Almond shortbread dough
  • Whipped ganache with matcha tea
  • Ganache with matcha tea
  • Trocadero sponge cake
  • Cherry gel
  • Velour mixture
  • Egg wash for coating


7. Chocolate tart with Tonka beans 

  • Hzelnut shortbread dough
  • Dark chocolate ganache with Tonka beans
  • Flourless dark chocolate sponge cake
  • Crisp layer
  • Egg wash for coating



8. Orange cheesecake with Grand Marnier

  • Two-colored shortbread dough
  • Carmel glaze
  • Orange moilleux
  • Orange gel
  • Syrop for soaking
  • Egg wash for coating


9. Saint-Honore tartlet

  • Two-colored shortbread dough
  • Financier sponge cake
  • Chou pastry
  • Craquelin
  • Salted caramel with vanilla
  • Pastry cream with vanilla
  • Chantilly with mascarpone
  • Egg wash for coating

10. Lemon tartlet

  • Almond shortbread dough
  • Sponge cake with poppy seeds
  • Lemon syrop
  • Lemon cream
  • Lemon gel
  • Italian meringue with Yuzu
  • Egg wash for coating


11. Orange-praline tartlet

  • Speculoose cookie dough
  • Reconstructed dough
  • Praline with hazelnut and coriander
  • Whipped ganache with coffee
  • Orange compote
  • Orange ganache


12. Raspberry cloud tartlet

  • Almond crumble
  • Reconstructed shortbread dough
  • Whipped ganache with raspberry
  • Raspberry coulis
  • Raspberry cloud
  • French meringue
  • Neutral glaze


13. Almond shortcrust pastry

14. Chocolate shortcrust pastry

15. How to make gelatine mass

16. How to temper chocolate

17. How to make two-colored shortcrust pastry


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Alexandr Trofimenkov KICA brand-chef When Alexand Trofimenkov tell about theory of pastry is traditionally a moment of absolute silence in the classroom. He talks in simple language about the required percentage of solids in the product, about the role of eggs in baking. About types of sugar and their effect on the retention of water in a frozen product. About the properties of starch and xanthan gum in the preparation of texture berry coolies. According to our listeners, detailed and interesting explanations of theoretical questions by the chef allow them to look at the recipe deeply. They can realize the taste even before its preparation. From the very beginning, Alexandr sets high standards of work, at which, at the end of the lesson, the students come out with slender products that can decorate the windows of demanding pastry houses. 2 years of work as a pastry chef at a factory in the best confectionery in Kiev “Honey”, 2 years of teaching at a pastry school of Hector Bravo, opening and conducting the production of luxury confectionery in Dubai, many years of experience in teaching and work at this field give Alexander Trofimenkov an opportunity to share theory and practice with students at the level of world-famous pastry art.


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