Travel cake «New Opera»

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We would like to present you another type of Opera cake made by Hans Ovando, the champion of the most prestigious chocolate competition in the world –  World Chocolate Masters.


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      Hans Ovando «New Opera cake»
Maestro-chocolatier of Spain, World Chocolate Masters Spain champion, the owner of a few awards at WCM championship in Paris.


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    Video Lesson

    There seemed to be a lot left unsaid by the translator, as she remained silent while he seemed to be talking. The video in this manner appears to be a glorified recipe for the blind. The explanations or batter textures and in-mixer-emulsions were not zoomed up upon to clarify what one should be looking for. It was only spoken of briefly with no colorful description and a shot taken from afar, so as not to detail any learning. I also felt that a deeper explanation of things are missing. For instance, why the use of Crystalized sugar with regular sugar, or what are the specific purposes for the heat gun heating the butter or the desire for perfect emulsions within the batter prior to ingredient additions or the use of translucent nappage compared to regular Nappage or the norm of regular ingredient use. Without these explanations one cannot retain pastry education or remember the reasoning and learn from these masters. Therefore, there seems a lack of satisfactory comforts from buying these videos and learning from the names sanctioned for each topic. There seems to be a cheaper solution to baking if I just wanted to follow a recipe, even if this video was a new presentation or redevelopment of a classic, why bother since it doesn't reinforce learning or promote professional growth. If this is a projection of the paid video lesson, then I'd rather experiment and advance at a more cost effective rate with a book. However, I do see the use of this uncomprehensive learning if one had a book by one of these big name chefs and the video lesson covered a specific recipe in said book, so as to see the mimesis first hand from the creator to fill in the blanks left unsaid in a book's recipe. All in all, I'd have to think really hard before paying for a video or receive a gift to proceed further with a look at the paid products.

    Glorified cupcake :(

    I don't like this. It's basically a rectangular-shaped cupcake. There is nothing "Opera cake-like" in this.

    Better translator

    This translator has a better understanding of the language and in translating,I hope the paid courses have her as a translator.One piece of advise is maybe have the original video with out the translator.Since Hanz is speaking Spanish and I would be able to understand him.Thanks.Keep up the good work.