Pecan tart from the book “Woman, Elegance & Oven”


Recipe from Tetyana Verbytska’s book «Woman, Elegance and Oven».

Sable with almond

total weight 462 g

200 g flour
120 g diced butter
80 g sugar powder
30 g almond powder
2 g salt
30 g eggs


Sift the flour. In a mixer bowl with a paddle nozzle mix cold butter and flour. Add sifted icing sugar, almond powder and salt. At this point the dough remains in the crumble form. While the dough is mixing slowly add eggs. When the dough became homogeneous, stop the machine. Form a flat rectangle with the dough, wrap it with a film, leave it overnight in the fridge.

Chocolate Joconda sponge

total weight 610 g

85 g eggs
85 g yolks
70 g sugar A
45 g flour
30 g cacao powder
70 g almond flour
130 g whites
50 g sugar B
45 g butter


Eggs, yolks and sugar whip till fluffy and white. If possible use heating by Baine Marie or induction from mixer. Add sifted flour, cacao powder and almond flour. Whip egg whites with sugar B. Add to eggs mass. Stir until smooth. Add hot melted butter. Stir again. Bake about 8 minutes on the baking tray 40х30 at 180°C.

Brown sugar syrop

total weight 642 g

90 g butter
215 g glucose
2 g salt
180 g brown sugar
155 g eggs


In a saucepan on a slow heat melt butter. Add glucose, brown sugar and salt. Bring the mass to 80°С. Remove from the heat. Cool down to 60°C. Add eggs. Stir until smooth.

Egg grease for the bottom of the tart

total weight 53 g

40 g yolks
13 g milk


Mix all ingredients until homogeneity.

Pecan nuts

total weight 400 g

400 g pecan nuts


Put the nuts on a baking tray. Roast in the oven for 10 minutes at 160°C.

Neutral glacage

total weight 305 g

25 g water (A)
75 g water (B)
75 g sugar (A)
75 g sugar (B)
50 g glucose
1 g acide citrique
2 g pectin x58
2 g pectin NH


Mix sugar (A) with pectin and add water (A). Let it stand for 20 minutes. In a pan, combine water (B) with sugar (B) then add glucose. Heat it to 70°C. Step by step, constantly mixing add the pectin mixture with sugar and bring to boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Add the acide citrique. Neutral glacage can be stored for a week in a fridge or a few months in a freezer.


1. Prepare sable dough. Let it relax for one night in the fridge. Roll the dough till 2 mm. Put it in the mold 18 cm in diameter. Prick the bottom of the dough with a fork. Let the dough dry in a cool place at least for 4 hours.
2. Bake sable basket at 160°С for about 12 minutes till dough is completely cooked.
3. Bottom of the dough cover with yolk and milk. Bake for 2 more minutes at 160°C.
4. Prepare chocolate sponge. Cut rounds. Put them inside of the sable basket.
5. Prepare sauce. Pour the sauce on the top of the chocolate sponge. Leave for 10 minutes. Put the pecan on the top. Pour the sauce on the top for the second time taking care that each nut is covered. Bake the tart during 30 minutes.
6. When ready cover the pecan tart with nappage. You may as well freeze this tart. Before serving put it in the oven for 4 minutes at 160°C.

Recipe from Tetyana Verbytska’s book «Woman, Elegance and Oven».

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