Raspberry and white chocolate macarons

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total weight 595 g

150 g  icing sugar
150 g  almond flour
55 g  egg whites  (А)
25 g  sugar (А)
125 g  sugar  (Б)
35 g  water
55 g  egg whites (Б)



Sieve sugar powder with almond flour, add egg whites (A) and mix. Add colorant according to the taste. Cook the syrup with sugar (B) and water until 120°C, pour it on whipped egg whites (B) with sugar (A). Add this mixture to the first mixture and mix until obtaining a smooth shining texture. Pipe it. Bake for 12 minutes at t 130°C.

Raspberry and white chocolate ganache 

total weight 833 g

114 g raspberry juice
50 g trimoline
50 g glucose
51 g dextrose
82 g butter
471 g white chocolate
15 g dried raspberry




Heat juice, trimoline, glucose, dextrose and butter. At 63°С pour onto melted to 35°С chocolate. Add dried raspberry and mix to smooth texture. Keep it before assembling at room temperature.

Raspberry marmalade

total weight 198 g

135 g raspberry puree
60 g sugar
3 g yellow pectin




Melt puree. In the cold puree add sugar mixed with pectin. Cook to 65-67 Вrix or to 103°С.

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