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Course information

If you have paid for online participation, you could download recipes a few days before the broadcast. 
Yes, you can ask questions to the chef in the chat.
To watch a video record after a full course you may as many times as you wish. No limits.
No, you could watch the course in the record.
You could watch the course record in your personal account.
Two camcorders are filming in professional HD quality.
Passed courses are available in the record and you could purchase them.
Yes, after the course all participants will receive electronic certificate signed by chef.
You could subscribe on our website or subscribe to our groups in social networks - Instagram and Facebook.
Our courses are translated from French to English and Russian languages.
To register for participation inside school, please visit our website - or contact us - [email protected].


Steps necessary to register for the course: 1. Choose "Register" at the top right corner. 2. Fill in the required fields 3. You will receive confirmation of your successful registration to your mail.
To subscribe to our newsletter please, send to [email protected] your full name and email with the name of letter "KICA newsletter".
To change your password please, choose "Lost your password?". Enter username or email address. And you will receive a link to create a new password via email.
You may change account name in your personal account, using tab "Settings".
We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone + 38 097 600 92 25 or email [email protected]
To buy one of the courses, please follow next steps: 1. Press Register or Login and fill in the required fields 3. On the page "All courses" choose course you like 4. Press "Buy this course" 5. After successful payment the course will be available in your private account. 6. If the course is planned, content will appear a few days before the start.
To get certificate please, send to email [email protected] request with your full name and the name of the course for which you would like to get a certificate.

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